May 29 – We’re Having FISH TONIGHT

Fish Tacos!

All my life I was skeptical. Of fish tacos.  I’d see them advertised at bars – “Tuesday Happy Hour – $2 Fish Tacos!” My stomach flops just thinking about that. When I was in Hawaii though, my life changed.  I saw fish tacos on the menu and I analyzed the situation: I was on an island. Surrounded by the ocean. Fish swim in ocean. They must be…fresh! My first meal on the Big Island was fish tacos and it was love at first bite.  I had fish tacos another two times before leaving.

Mom and I were watching the Food Network over the weekend and Tyler Florence was making fish tacos.  Mom’a first reaction was “ehh.” I replied with “Exactly! Until Hawaii…”  I somehow convinced her that she had to try them. I printed out Tyler’s recipe, and Gabriella and I headed to Stop and Shop to buy all the ingredients.

They were “quite the catch.”  Dad fried the fish, Gabriella made the black bean salad, Angela cut up mangoes and made Blue Hawaiian drinks, while I made the mango salad and Chipotle cream sauce.  What a team! I think fish tacos will be a recurring dinner at the Devine house from now on.  We highly recommend this recipe, the flavors worked wonderfully together.


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