June 1 – LAST Ivy Day Ever!!

I think everyone will agree with me that Baby G looks quite stunning here surrounded by her artwork!


A few things – Uncle Steve and Aunt Kelly graced us with their presence last night – always a pleasure having them around! Big thank you to Auntie Kelly for helping us take care of parties, menus and Momma while she was still recovering! Also, Kelly is now a certified Irish Coffee maker/barista/bartender thanks to her travels with RED and made me a delicious mug! =)

Gabriella’s Ivy Day celebration was today – the last one we will have to attend! After all the speeches we all funneled into the library for refreshments (cookies!!), to see the new design (did they really change anything?) and to see the seniors’ art! Gabriella is standing in front of her display in today’s photo.  She spent a lot of time even on the backdrop she hung the prints on.  Great work! My favorite is (of course) the lamb relief modeled after the photo I took in Ireland.

My last order of business is, well business! Congratulations to my dad – his company celebrates their 10th anniversary today! A huge accomplishment in the RI economy, especially since they’re helping put Rhode Islanders back to work! We had a lot of fun celebrating up in Providence with the team!


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