June 9 – DC Summers: find the pools

“Max’s Pool”


When Madison asked me if I wanted to hang out at Max’s pool for the day there was no hesitation. Yes!! I could clean and unpack and do yoga (sorry Lori) later.  We filled my bike tires with air, packed some towels and water, and biked over to M and 1st NE.  Max’s pool is perfect – refreshing water, comfy chairs, and a great view of DC.  There was some sort of reunion going on, and I think this photo sums up the excitement they brought to the pool. There were alligator floats, Buzz LightYear pillows on a floating 7th grade science project (I happened to over hear a conversation – don’t worry, I’m still confused too), tubes with water guns, and lot’s of drinks. Hey, at least they are wearing sun block – note guy in center of photo lathering up.

Thanks Max for helping us cool off on the first “hot” day of summer!


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