June 20 – Happy Summer

Soak up that sunshine!

Today I met with Sisarina, a branding/marketing firm in Bethesda, for what they call a Cup of Inspiration.  Every Wednesday morning they post an open invitation for anyone to join them at their office to enjoy a cup of joe and chat about whatever’s on their mind. Such a great idea – I hope it catches on for them!

Later in the day, they sent out their newsletter with the title “Happiness Is.”  All of their team members shared what they define as happiness.  Since today is the first day of summer and I was feeling particularly happy I thought I would share my ideas too.

Happiness Is…

-Making people smile

-A sunny beach day

-Exploring and investing in my ideas

-Game night with family/friends and good food (it helps if I’m winning)

-A glass of red wine after a long day’s work

Alright – your turn! Share what makes you happy below in the comments (and if you’re extra social, tweet it with #Happinessis to continue Sisarina’s conversation)!


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