June 24 – The Bakehouse

Walking to brunch – a shot of the Freedom Tower construction

This morning the four of us walked to the West Village for brunch at The Bakehouse, managing to stay on the outskirts of NYC’s Gay Pride Parade.  It was a long walk, but we were rewarded handsomely with outstanding food. I ordered a fine herb and goat cheese omelet with a latte and a pain aux raisin to go and was full until dinner at 6! Best pastry I’ve had since France, and tasted very authentic.  Also, the barista poured a peacock into my latte – beautiful work!

We said goodbye to Sarah and Pete and headed uptown to visit the Calverts. It was a quick visit, but very nice seeing everyone.  We also stopped by to say hi to Marie – she was so full of happiness to see us, which of course, then made our day! Before we left she stood up to sing us a song – you can watch her perform here – I (with her permission) videotaped the special event: http://socialcam.com/v/RAQmggQX.  She still has so much life in here, it is wonderful to see!

Thank you to Sarah and Pete for a lovely time and for being wonderful hosts! Thoughts and prayers go to the Calverts as they mourn the loss of Missy’s Uncle Billy, and Brian’s best friend, John.


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