June 29 – Hurricane a coming! (for 30 minutes)

Progression of the storm that took DC by surprise

It was, to say the least, an interesting day. I was working at Anchor Media HQ for most of the day, but did enjoy a lunch at Johnny Rockets (mmm #12) with Kpal and then a productive brainstorming session later at Starbucks. It was also 100 degrees, so I avoided being outside as much as possible.

Madison and I were planning on trying out Bandalero in Georgetown and then catching Rock of Ages but as both of us ended up working late, we decided to just do dinner. We finally made our way up the hill to Mintwood Place at 9 and were relieved to get some food and a drink in our bellies. My chicken was SO moist.  Seriously – how do they do that!? Try it out – a great little place in Kalorama.

After working a long week we decided to be lame and go back to the apt and chill.  I was reading in bed when there was a HUGE blast of wind against the window behind my head. I opened the window and watched as a massive storm descended on DC in a matter of minutes.  The poor people outside were sprinting for cover – coming home early turned out to be a great decision.  I can’t really explain how intense the storm was – literally it felt like a hurricane!  Reagan National Airport reported 80 mph winds, and the sky was lit up the whole time with lighting.  As fast as it came it was gone, leaving DC covered in fallen branches and leaving 443,000 DC area places without power. Just crazy! I hope everyone is safe and those without power are somehow keeping cool!


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