July 7 – Last taste of RI for a bit

swimming puppy

Luna is such a fish!


Luna is so cute in our pool! She cries until we let her in, and although she loves playing with us, she is quite content swimming around by herself.  She walks down the stairs and launches herself into the water, doggy paddling around the perimeter around and around until she stops to catch her breath.  She has her purple ball in her mouth in the photo above which she loves playing with in the pool, and racing you to the other side to catch it. One last thing before I switch to food – she loves splashing.  If you start splashing the water she will DROP whatever she is doing and try to catch the water in her mouth, standing on her hind legs id she has to.  Just too cute, love that puppy-girl!

Madison and Gabriella played Dad and I in tennis today – we had a great little match going! I won’t say who won… (V is for Victory) but I think we all had a great time and it just makes you want to play more.  We’re going to try and play before work this week, but we’ll see how that goes when our alarms go off in the AM…

Last night in RI means I get to choose dinner! I went with grilled pizza (pepperoni, buffalo and barbeque) and Key Lime Pie for desset. YUM! Mom and Dad both rocked it so we went to bed full and happy. =)

Sad to leave everyone and head back to the DC heat, but work and reality calls!


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