July 8 – The traveling black cats

Lesson learned: Cats don’t like change


Since we were traveling for a week we decided to take the cats up to lil Rhody and not worry about finding someone to feed them for us.  Oh my goodness, the upset! A new crate, a car, a new house, a dog, the car again – too much for two little cats. They are very happy to be home again, but how cute are they exploring the car?  I wish I could see peoples’ faces when they drove past and realized it wasn’t a dog, but a cat lounging in the back of the car and enjoying the view.

We woke up at 5 am again and made great time – we were back in DC by 12.  It was great saving time, but then we were faced with the rest of the day in DC heat.  We decided to get some groceries while we had the car and then organized the apt in the AC.  It was sort of an impromptu Spring cleaning (the Spring cleaning we never had…) and I must say our apartment looks great! Madison also whipped up a yummy salmon dinner from Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill cookbook, mmm!

Bed time, I am so completely exhausted!

-Sleepy V

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