July 10 – Stay Hydrated!!

8 glasses of water today

Humid in the district! I tried drinking a lot of water to stay hydrated and have some photo proof for ya!

After a long day of back-to-back meetings, I walked over to Allison’s apartment, just south of Columbia Heights.  I hadn’t seen it since she moved in, and since then, she and her roommate built A WALL to add a second bedroom. It looks amazing, I am so impressed! They even have a window at the top of it to let in some of the natural light.

Allison’s friend from high school also stopped by and we sipped on some beer and enjoyed some homemade marinated feta cheese that Allison made.  I need to get the recipe and once I do I will definitely share – it was so delicious! (It marinated for a month – I felt honored that she shared it with me!)

On another note, CONGRATULATIONS to Mr Madison Calvert on his promotion! He is now managing a team of 12 LivingSocialites, all working in restaurant online ordering. Go Madison!


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