July 12 – Green Pig Bistro

Chocolate covered doughnut with peanut butter ice cream

After work I met up with Katrina and Kim, friends from class. I’d never been to this bistro before – it’s in Clarendon, and I feel funny sharing a photo of the dessert when it is clearly a carnivore’s hotspot but it was the best part of the meal.

DON”T go here for drinks (although their beer list looks nice) – none of our drinks were good. I had fried pimento cheese balls as an app and they were cheesy and moist (no dinner – Madison was making me a grilled peach and endive salad at home).  BUT, I did share dessert and it was a very good decision.  Hot chocolate cake – amazing and reminded me of Paris.  The other dessert was the doughnut pictured above, which was good but I thought a little over the top.  I don’t think I’d combine ice cream and doughnuts again, but it was an interesting exprience.

So glad we finally got together – our schedules (**my schedule) have been tricky this summer!


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