July 14 – Bethesda Penguin’s Igloo

Hydrangea sighting!


Well today we got off to a rough start – but after several Gatorades we were ready to tackle the day. We rented a car, picked up Emily, and drove up to Bethesda to see the Bethesda penguin himself (Madison’s friend Andrew), and his pool.  Man – I need a pool. The next building I live in needs two things: a pool and a dishwasher.  That’s not too picky right?

THANK YOU Andrew for the pool invite.  Anyone who I’m close with knows I need my pools and my beaches in the summer. After we left the igloo, we stopped by Kpal’s barbecue.  Joe made pulled pork and to his testament, it was gone in 15 minutes. Not bad for his first hurrah! Besides the meat, we had a great time meeting new people and catching up with friends from freshman year – Marcos and Tricia were there. =) Back in the day Allison, Kristin, Tricia and I were inseparable and this was the first time we were all in the same place in 4 years! It’s cool to see how different we all are, after graduating.


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