July 15 – Life-saving Consumerism

Alright, so while this is a very boring composition, this “subject” is very important!



Today, Madison and I indulged in some good ol’ American consumerism.  We went to the Leesburg outlets just to shop – with nothing in mind to buy and drove away with a new pan, milk frother, yoga pants, sneakers, workout clothes, etc.  I guess we “needed” them?

One our way home we stopped at two other places:

1.Wegmans: amazing. I’d never been! It’s between a Whole Foods and a Giant, but they have Safeway prices and better! Man, I wish there was one closer to us!

2. HomeGoods: I saved my life.  Literally! I found a “standing desk” aka a shelf unit that’s the right height for me and fits my laptop.  Now, I can stand while working for half the day and live 2 years longer! Bonus! (Just Google sitting and dying and see what comes up.)



2 thoughts on “July 15 – Life-saving Consumerism

  1. Uncle Steve (Devine) says:

    I couldn’t resist. I Googled “sitting and dying” and the top result was an article from CBS News, a fine American news outlet, with this headline – “Sitting too much may double your risk of dying, study shows”…

    REALLY CBS News, last time I checked, we all have a 100% chance of dying ALREADY!! It is going to happen to us all!

    I did read the article, and there are certainly health benefits to sitting less, but this headline really takes the cake! mmmmm cake!!!

    • victoriadevine says:

      HAHA What a great headline! You should comment on that article too..

      Okay more healthy things are related to standing desks – including my proclivity to dance more (since I’m standing) which burns calories and that’s good since I rarely make it to the gym.

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