July 20 – We’ll hug a little tighter tonight

Rain on my window screen

“This morning we woke up to news of a tragedy that reminds us of all the ways we are united as an American family,” – Obama in remarks today.

The more I hear about the theater shootings in Aurora, Colorado, the more my heart breaks. I think about the innocent loss of life – of hopes and dreams stopped in their tracks- of the terror that those people felt, and of the emptiness that the families and friends of the victims feel now. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone in Aurora, and I hope they feel the love we are all sending their way.

I think the only way to, well, “feel better” is to take away from this awful event that we need to focus more on living and enjoying what is around us.   Everything is fragile so it’s not worth missing out on something important or fun because you’re “too busy” or “caught up at work.”

On the same note – I recommend this Ted talks.  He offers some very simple advice that we all should think about more.  Also, just wanted to tell all my friends and family that I love you and I cherish my time with you!


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