July 24 – #TravelTuesday

The Canals

My day got better and better – no, really, for once I am not being sarcastic! It started off pretty rough – running on not enough sleep I showed up at DCA for my 8 AM flight. We didn’t take off until 10:45. I don’t want to get all riled up again so I’ll spare you the deets. Upside: lot’s of creative ideas came pouring out of me and onto the notebook in my lap as we sat on the runway, no electronic devices permitted (there were a few tears held back and a few #AngryV tweets sent secretively).

Once I arrived in LA a few hours past schedule things improved dramatically.  I was greeted by a smiling Aunt Kelly, and driven straight to Venice Beach where she took me to her old neighborhood coffee shop, on a tour around Venice canals, and then to Shanghai Red for apps and wine on the water.  Does she not know me or what?? Beach. Coffee. Walking. Wine. This is V in four words!

To top off the night, we shared some more wine back in Corona outside on the porch enjoying the night breeze. California weather is so pleasant… tempting….DC humidity…. East Coast versus West Coast debate.


PS – Auntie Kelly, what is the name of the wine we shared?  It was soooo good!

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