August 1 – HOW IS IT AUGUST?

Desserts at Taberna del Alabardero


After an incredibly busy day (is it ever not busy) I met Kim for drinks and apps at DC’s Food Blogger Happy Hour event – this time at Taberna del Alabardero.  I’ve walked past it a million times but had never been – it was very nice of them to host some DC foodies. =) Their sangria took me back to Barcelona! To end the night, Emily stopped by for a glass of wine and some Olympic viewing – can’t get enough of the games!

So is anyone else wondering how it is August already?  Wasn’t I just traipsing around Europe? Time goes by so quickly when you’re a) busy and b) having fun.  From reading the V Life, I’m sure you’ve noticed I follow the work hard play hard mentality, and I wouldn’t have it any other way! But really… Hawaii seems so long ago! When is the next LivingSocial incentives trip? =)


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