July 28 – Scottsdale

Camelback Mountain

Madison flew out to meet me Friday night, so after I kept him out pretty late, we were very sleepy on Saturday. Like – sleep in, sleep by the pool, sleep during massages, afternoon nap kind-of-sleepy. That sounds like a lot of zzz’s, but it was such a wonderfully relaxing day! We did go out for breakfast -at The Good Egg which was really cute (later found out it’s a chain) and then went back to the resort for a couples massage.  Since we booked the hotel through American Express, we had a free massage – ooo!- so we decided to go for it and try a couples massage.  It was so nice relaxing, and even though it was awesome, I just have to say that Lori rocks and now I’ll be comparing all future massages to “that time she fixed my back.” =)

For lunch we walked around Old Town (Madison bought me a beautiful turquoise ring) and stopped by this great little place called Baratin.  The menu was extremely limited, but everything was fresh and local – perfect for healthy eating when you’re traveling! To try to wake up we stopped at Cartel Coffee Lab and shared a delicious iced latte – really cool vibe, we would have hung out more if we had more time in Scottsdale, but alas, there was more to see!

Since we had a rental (a Mustang, no less) we decided to drive around the neighborhoods a bit, and that led us to Camelback Mountain which I’ll admit, sort of looks like a camel. =)

Anyways something I should note: it is MONSOON SEASON in Arizona! How funny is that! It was hot and humid and rained each afternoon.  Sound like anything familiar?  Yea. DC. Oh well – we saw a great storm Saturday night – hugeeee gusts of wind! We ended up ordering pizza since it was so nasty out – who would have thought – humidity in Phoenix!


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