July 30 – Beautiful Sedonaaa

Red Rock Country

Driving the scenic route back to Phoenix was incredible. The mountains there are intense, and the roads are windy and steep.  The red rocks though are so beautiful, and we couldn’t help but pull off for a hike.  We chose WestFork – a scenic hike through a canyon, weaving its way across a stream at several points.  It wasn’t difficult but it was nice being outside and breathing the fresh air.

It’s different from hiking in NH – here you have to watch for bears AND rattlesnakes AND scorpions! (I added the last one because I really didn’t want to see a scorpion at any point of the trip!)

We stopped at Chapel of the Holy Cross before leaving Sedona, and we are so glad we did – thank you Gail for the recommendation! It is the most peaceful place, and the almost 360degree views are spectacular!

We made one last stop before dropping off the Mustang – the Botanical Gardens. I’m not sure what I was expecting… maybe I was already delirious from the heat – but I did not think it would be outside.  The cacti are amazing – there are so many varieties, each beautiful in their own way.  But it was 115 degrees. And we were in the dessert sun, so we did a VERY quick tour of the gardens before fleeing for AC.



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