August 3 – BlogHer 2012

Voices of the Year 2012

Today was my first time at BlogHer! It’s like no conference I’ve ever been to – the women (and men – yes there were a few!) were so friendly and supportive and I had a great time chatting with people from all over the country.  Our lunch keynote was none other than Martha Stewart! I’m a big fan of her Everyday Food series and I have to say, hearing her talk in person made me like her so much more.  She was honest and funny, and wasn’t afraid to show us a more personal side. Something she said that caught my attention: “Being an entrepreneur is the most exciting career.” I’d have to agree.

The best part of the day was listening to the bloggers who won Voices of the Year do a reading.  The stories were so wonderful – touching and humorous. I love stories, especially from talented writers.

Madison met me in NYC and we went to dinner at Basso 56, a great little Italian place just south of Central Park.  I ordered homemade spaghetti with a lamb ragu and tiramisu to top it off. I practically fell asleep with my face in my food, conferencing is tiring!


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