August 6 – Hogwarts Dreamin’

My class at Georgetown is finally in one of the beautiful buildings that TOTALLY looks like Hogwarts. What, a girl can dream!

So as Mondays normally go, Anchor Media’s office was bustling! HW and projects and following up with new BlogHer contacts… several coffees were consumed.  I think we need a sponsorship.  An Olympic Social Media Sponsorship, and every tweet we send will have another one following it saying, “Anchor Media, powered by ________ Coffee.” I need to get my sales team on that one…

Next rainy day: who’s up for candy, Doritos, and a Harry Potter marathon? I need more Ron Weasley in my life!


One thought on “August 6 – Hogwarts Dreamin’

  1. Dana says:

    Hi Victoria! It was great to meet you this weekend. I’ve enjoyed browsing your site, your photos are fantastic. And I agree, love this building… and Harry Potter, of course!

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