August 7 – All the pretty colors

Mani Pedi with Emily!

Madison has been playing tennis every morning for the past few days before work with a coworker. I admire his determination and ability to rise early and get out there.  I am falling asleep as I write this because I, then, end up waking up when he does. At 6:40. Ouch…

From my early wake up call, I had a great start on the day and took a walk for 30 minutes like I used to when walking to Cadmus.  I miss my morning walks – my time to wake up and get the creative juices running.  These juices pair very well with coffee (just a trick).

After a full day in the office I treated myself to a manicure and pedicure with Emily. This should be a simple and relaxing task but it takes me so long to choose colors.  It’s a big decision! These are the colors I will look at all day long when typing and walking. Emily knows her color – bright red, and she gets it every time, on her fingers and toes.  I just can’t do that – if it were socially acceptable I would totally have a different color on every finger.

To look professional and not call attention to my short nails (really, it’s awful -I bite them when I think which, obviously, is  all the time) I went with Lucky Lucky Lavender. It’s more of a soft pink- I think I’ve had it before.  On my toes is a flirty red, called Dutch Tulip.

The best color I ever wore was a bright sky blue and it was appropriately called, “Hey! Get in Line!” To this day I use that phrase when I’m bored… it just spoke to me.  I think I’d be really good at naming nail polish colors. If Anchor Media doesn’t pan out, maybe I’ll call OPI.

What’s your go-to nail color? Extra points for awesome names.



3 thoughts on “August 7 – All the pretty colors

  1. Uncle Steve (Devine) says:

    Steve Blue… it is a combination of two shades of blue and a silver. i used to have a truck this color…

  2. NANA says:

    love the get in line, my favourite color is a reddish orange, no points for name, howevere, I do have designed painted on the index fingers. Much fun give it a try

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