August 11 – Stouffel-Walter Sans Wedding

Beautiful bride and groom!

Love is in the air! We made the incredibly long drive through Wisconsin up to Sturgeon Bay – we definitely thought it was a shorter drive (oops) for Madison’s friend Greg’s wedding. They knew each other at GW, and this was the first reunion of their friend group since graduating. I got to meet all the guys Madison talks about so much in his college stories and I just have to say they are great. We all had a blast hanging out on the docks, attending the beautiful garden ceremony serenaded by a sweet harpist, enjoying drinks and food in celebration, and then hitting the dance floor in a big way (not sure Madison had ever seen the moves I whipped out but he seems to still be sticking around…).

Madison met Greg freshman year through intramural sports and stayed in touch ever since. Last summer, Greg had an unexpected stroke- a result of a heart ailment that went undetected.  The doctors weren’t sure if or how he would recover, and he had us worried and confused.  At 25 years old, Greg was THE healthiest and most fit guy we knew – how could this happen? Thankfully Greg made a complete recovery. Less than a year later, he completed an Iron Man in just over 16 hours and today, he is marrying Katy, a very sweet girl that he proposed to a week or so after his stroke.  We are so inspired by Greg’s story and are thrilled to celebrate with him – well worth the trip to Wisconsin!


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