August 12 – We came, we saw, we conquered.

The view from “Snug Harbor” in Wisconsin

Typical. We of course had another crazy day traveling. Waking up at 8am we went out for breakfast with some of the guys before heading back to Chicago. It was a long drive with traffic and construction but we made it back into the city by 3pm. Oh, sorry, forgot to mention we stopped in Green Bay to see Lambeau Field, just a brief pit stop so Mdog could see the stadium.

Since we still had the rental we drove around Wrigley and Wicker Park and then walked around Old Town to stretch our legs.  Have you seen Wicker Park? It’s my favorite movie (tied with Moulin Rouge), and understandably so, I was very much looking forward to  seeing the real Wicker Park. Disappointment. Hippie town, dirty (for Chicago) and the park is really nothing more then a baseball field. Was the park they met at made up in some Hollywood basement?! If so, I will be very sad.  I’m going to watch the movie again soon and see if I can see any street signs.

With a 9pm flight back to DC, we didn’t land until just before midnight. I am anticipating a few coffees to get me through the day tomorrow and then class at night, but hey – I’m back in DC for at least two weeks! I think this is a record for summer 2012!?


2 thoughts on “August 12 – We came, we saw, we conquered.

  1. Joe says:

    Two things;
    I like OUR Snug Harbor better.
    Glad you took the time to see Lambeau Field. Was it worth the ride? I bet it was.

    Awesome you guys get to travel like you do!

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