August 16 – Hello little Mouse, what are you doing?

Chocolate covered strawberries

That’s the first line in one of my favorite childhood books, The Little Mouse, The Red Ripe Strawberry, and The Big Hungry Bear.  I bought strawberries earlier this week, and I realized the reason they were on sale was because they were SUPER ripe and needed to be eaten right away. I don’t have an issue with chowing down on strawberries, but a whole container in one day is a bit excessive. My solution: bring out the chocolate! We’ve had a massive chocolate Easter bunny sitting in the freezer, since well, Easter, and I decided it was time he was put to good use. I slammed him against the counter and plopped all the broken pieces into a make-shift double broiler, melted him down and covered these Red Ripe Strawberries with lot’s of milk chocolate. They were of course, eaten by the end of the day, thanks to Madison and Allison’s help. =)

This reminds me of a brief obsession I had back in high school  – strawberries covered in melted Hershey’s cookie and cream bars. I think Sarah introduced me to these and then I couldn’t get enough of them.  I don’t even like the bars, but melted on a strawberry – you need to try it!


PS It’s funny that my train of thought led me to Sarah, because today is her birthday! Happy Birthday Miss Davies! =)


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