August 17 – DC Restaurant Week

Sweet Potato Pound Cake

Every time DC has its biannual restaurant week, Madison and I try to visit a new restaurant.  We discovered Potenza and 1789 this way – two of my favorite restaurants.  Sadly, Potenza is closing this month, so I will no longer get to snack on their homemade burrata or fried risotto balls. I celebrated my 23rd birthday and my college graduation there with family and friends.  Lot’s of memories!

We choose 701 tonight (another numbered restaurant – there are SO many in DC) and while I don’t think I’d care to go back, the food was flavorful and the wine just right. Pictured above is a pound cake, but the best part of it was the lemony meringue on the side. I think people tend to bake with too much sugar when there is a veggie present.  When I make zucchini bread I add less than 1/2 the sugar the recipe calls for and it still comes out sweet.  This pound cake was way too sweet, but I like the idea. I may have to try it myself…


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