August 19 – Catwoman is my new doppelganger

Corcoran Street

We finally found time in our schedules to see the Dark Knight Rises, and the weather cooperated with us, granting us a perfect rainy movie day. Whoo hoo! This movie was much better than the last and to top it off, the lovely Anne Hathaway played Catwoman. Although I wasn’t looking forward to the movie, I have to say it was pretty, pretty good (to be read in a Larry David voice).

We took the metro there and as we were descending I noticed the quote at Dupont metro station has the words “The Dark Knight.”  It was too perfect for the blog! Unfortunately, after several people walked into my shot, I grabbed a quick one with my phone but the quality was so bad I just couldn’t post it. You will just have to imagine the shot, words etched into concrete, soaked from the rain.

In between rain showers we skipped over to Whole Foods for some goodies and walking back I grabbed this shot.  I love the different roof styles and colors of these homes; Corcoran Street is (I think) my favorite street in the district.

Salmon Niçoise Salad for dinner? Don’t mind if I do!



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