August 20 – summer SQUASH

A flower garden goes vegetarian

So the crazy old lady in my building (everyone needs one in their life) loves gardening and must have some sort of arrangement with our building manager, as she is the only person I’ve seen watering and planting.  If you ever compliment the flowers she will curtly remind you that they’re HER flowers. This summer, she decided to plant a squash plant on the side of the building. As you can see…. it spread.  Our whole building lawn is covered in squash! I would try to pick one when they’re ready but I have a feeling she’s booby-trapped them.


One thought on “August 20 – summer SQUASH

  1. Joe Devine says:

    Take one and leave a dollar. Someone (or something) has been taking my tomatoes right as they are almost ready to pick. And not leaving a dollar.

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