August 21 – Caught in the Rain

Things got a little wet around 6pm…

I woke up today feeling run down.  I guess that happens when you’re always on the go. Mental note to buy orange juice!

Around 6pm I gchatted Madison, asking when he was coming home.  His response made me laugh – he wasn’t biking home until it stopped raining. Looking outside, it was perfectly sunny in Dupont. Less than a minute later it started raining – spitting more like. I figured there would be a rainbow since the sun was still out, so I grabbed my camera, shoes, and an umbrella as an afterthought.  I made it around the corner of my building when it started POURING. Where could all of this water possibly have come from?? I made my way back to my building’s overhang and watched the storm.

I didn’t see a rainbow, but I did see lot’s of people sprinting through the rain which is always entertaining.


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