August 23 – The Greek Deli

This place must be good….

I’ve walked past this “Greek deli” several times (it’s right by my gym, so probably 3 times this past year, lol) and around lunch there is always a line like this.  Today, I had a physical (ugh) and when I got out of the doctors I was starving after fasting all morning.  To my delight I noticed there wasn’t a line at the Greek Deli – I could finally try it! I still ended up waiting 10 minutes to get to the counter (there was a line inside) but it was worth the wait.  Although it wasn’t the best gyro I’ve had – that would be in Cannes, it was pretty good.  Kostas, the owner, clearly knows how to make good food and I can’t wait to try something else off the menu.  When I left the building the line was already wrapping around the outdoor seating area.

Headed home in a couple hours!!


PS Creeper of the day goes to Kristin who texted me around 3pm today –  “Did you go to the doctor today?” Yes…

I had recommended my doctor to her weeks ago and it turns out we booked an appointment on the same day! She saw my name on the sign in sheet. Crazayyy!

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