August 26 – Dog Days of Summer

They don’t call it the Ocean State for nothing!!

Ahh, the dogs days. We rallied the troops (me, G, and Momma) and drove down in OCNLVR to the beach.  We decided to surprise the grands and didn’t tell them I’m home. As I was walking up the stairs to their house Papa couldn’t form a sentence! Haha “Hey.. Gab… what? Oh… uh… Is that… Victoria!?”

Grandma and Uncle Steve came with us to the beach and before we soaked up some rays we went straight into that warm (but refreshing) clear, clear RI water. It was perfect. I collapsed on my towel and dozed for a bit, just listening to the waves. On our drive back to EG we stopped at Pick Pockets – best falafel I’ve ever had. Oh my goodness just delightful.

Baby G and I took Lunabear for a walk in Goddard Park with Gary who will be leaving for London in a few weeks. He’s getting a masters in statistics – we need to plan a trip to visit him in England. Pull my leg!

Blueberry pie and peach cobbler for dessert was the perfect ending to a great (unplanned) weekend home. Missing the fam already! =(



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