August 27 – Olive you! Pepper you!

How beautiful are these “divine” veggies!?


Sometimes instead of saying “I love you,” Madison will say “Olive You” to me, usually when he’s hungry.  My response is always, pepper you! His is a homonym, mine is another vegetable.

Speaking of PEPPERS, boy oh boy am I a lucky girl! Dad and Mom have been growing beautiful vegetables this summer, and I visited just at the right time to take some of their bounty to DC.  In my carry-on this morning were eggplants, green bell peppers, habaneros and jalapenos.  They don’t mess around with peppers, either, their jalapenos are HOT.  I cut one up for a salad earlier in the weekend and tummy growling, popped a couple pieces in my mouth while waiting for dinner to be ready. Ouchie!

I didn’t take any tomatoes back with me because they would have been tomato juice by the time I arrived in Dupont Circle, but they looked delicious as well. To whoever is stealing Dad’s tomatoes just as they ripen on the vine, you better look-out! He is not a happy camper (see comments below).

I can’t wait to eat these suckers – any recipe suggestions for my spicy, spicy peppers?



One thought on “August 27 – Olive you! Pepper you!

  1. Uncle Steve (Devine) says:

    Auntie Kelly made some sliced sauteed jalapenos that she finished in brown sugar. If you ask her I am sure she will give you the recipe 🙂

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