September 9 – 29 bottles of wine later

Veritas Vineyard – I don’t think you can find a more beautiful place.

I could get used to this.  Mountain air. Nature. WINE. After some blueberry pancakes for breakfast we took to the roads and toured Skyline Drive.  I have been here before, with Mom, les trois soeurs, and Grandma and Papa back when we lived in Virginia. I remember seeing a deer and getting very excited and thinking we were very high up. Well, this trip was very much the same, with some good memories of my last visit.  =) We saw a deer, and I uneasily looked over the guard rails, thinking hmm we’re pretty high! After driving through Muir Forest in San Francisco though, this was nothing. It was a beautiful cool and sunny morning to be in the mountains.

When we were back in the valley we decided to try another vineyard – Veritas was recommended by other people staying at our B&B so we drove over and boy are we so glad we stopped.  This place is stunning. I’d really like to come see it in the fall with all the foliage – might have to arrange a trip back in a  few weeks…

Plus – they’re all about the “V” in their decorations – I have  shot of a V made from corks, hanging from the ceiling. It’s a keeper.

Who’s in for coming back to this beautiful place with me?


PS: The title is true… we came back to DC with 29 bottles (some are Christmas presents) but still… we are ridiculous. =)

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