September 18 – District Fire

#DCFD putting out a fire a block away


Last night I was on a video chat with the family, when I heard a lot of sirens. A moment later, my apartment smelled like we had a campfire going strong. I looked out my window and saw fire fighters running with hoses.  I grabbed my camera and went outside to watch. The fire was on the 3rd floor of this building, and I’m not sure how it started, but by the time I got there everything was under control and fire fighters were just checking for hot spots. Crazy! I think it was in an embassy, but I’m not positive. According to DCFD’s Facebook page, no one was hurt in the fire.

Madison and I went on a walk later, during a light rain. It was so quiet (away from the radio of the fire department) and the rain was so refreshing. I need to start taking walks during the day again, I miss my time to think and well, exercise!


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