September 23 – An apple a day

Madison apple picking

This morning we hopped in our rental and drove to Stribling Orchard in Virginia.  Madison and I, surrounded by kids, picked a good variety of apples ( two pecks) and enjoyed the simple farmer life. We felt just as excited for the caramel apples and cider that the tots running around were begging their parents for. This week: Swedish Apple Pie, apple butter, and caramel apples will be making my kitchen smell sweet with the scents of fall. Well, that and my Yankee Candle Pumpkin Spice candle.

I almost lost Madison to the simple life today. He would totally fit in with the Hatfields. Or the McCoys. Sigh. I just love the country, and wish we had a car so we could get out here more often.  One day…

PATs tonight, getting pumped with game day bean dip. =)


PS How cute does Madison look in his new glasses?

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