September 24 – Georgetown Grad!

It’s Official!

You never know what I’ll be up to next. I mean, I sure didn’t think I’d be getting a certificate from Georgetown when I started this blog. What began as me taking some classes relevant to my job led to me saying, “okay one more class,” to “at this point I might as well get the darn certificate!” I met some really wonderful people and learned a lot more about the digital world that I now use every day as a social consultant. Boo-yah!

But really – how do people work full time AND get a masters at the same time? I barely had time to complete this certificate -mind you, I was also starting a business- but I have so much respect for anyone attempting this.  You have my best wishes!

Excited to have nights free again,


The George Washington University 2010, BA: Political Communication and Anthropology

Georgetown University 2012 Certificate: Digital Media Management


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