October 6 – William’s Gap

Delaplane Cellars

When Madison’s friends asked if we’d like to go visit some VA wineries, we responded, yes! We tried Oak Barrel Winery first, which had a great view but not so tasty wines. They have a self tour, and while we were watching workers toss grapes into the presser, they tossed us some! We enjoyed the last batch of their Vidal Blanc grapes, AND got to try the grape juice right from the presser! Very cool.  It was so sweet – I wonder why Welch’s even bothers to add sugar.

Next stop: Delaplane Cellars.  You need to go. Gorgeous view, not far from DC and great wine.  We sat on their patio, listening to live music, eating fresh baked bread with cheese, and shared a bottle of William’s Gap.  Not cheap, but so worth it.  What a pleasant afternoon.

Once we were back in DC, we had friends come over to watch the Rumble 2012 –  a showdown between Bill O-Reilly and Jon Stewart. FAIL whale! Their IT support did not do their job, their website crashed, and we did not get to watch the rumble.  Still waiting to see it…



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