October 12 – Extendable Ears at Hogwarts

Hogwarts Express

Any day you’re at Hogwarts is a good day. Madison, Rachel, Matt and I ran around Universal today, browsing wands and Bertie Bott’s Ever Flavor Beans, happy as can be. As a Harry Potter fan, Harry Potter World is now almost a rite of passage and I’m happy to say I’ve been.  Would I go back? Nah. I don’t like roller coasters and the motion ride almost made me puke on the dragon chasing me! It was still cool to see Hogsmeade come to life.  What an imagine that J.K. Rowling has!

Although today was only half a vacation day for me, I must say that working from a warm patio overlooking a lagoon is not so bad! Anchor’s HQ needs to have an ocean view one day.

If I may have a moment to #humblebrag, I found out today that I won the “PR People under 30 to Watch in 2012” award from PR News.   What an honor! I am so grateful for my Johnny Rockets team that nominated me a few months back.  I was all smiles today.

For dinner, the four of us went to Benihana’s where we celebrated my birthday (and the award) with a nice family from Brazil who were seated at the same table. I not only learned how to use chopsticks correctly (only took me 24 years to figure it out), but I also tried sake for the first time. My verdict: meh. I don’t think I need to have it again…


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