October 21 – Au revoir twenty-four

National Rouge

I just would like to ask a question: WHERE DID THIS YEAR GO? I JUST turned 24! Right!? Wasn’t I just on a redeye to London? Apparently not, since I have already written 364 posts on The V Life.

We went for a walk down to the National Mall today, taking photos of the foliage, plus some fun shots that I’ll post tomorrow (ooo get excited!). I’m resting this afternoon, and watching some good ol’ Patriots football since tomorrow will be very busy.  I’m bringing on my first employee tomorrow, so in addition to the meetings and work I have to finish, I will also be training. This is really exciting news for Anchor Media!



3 thoughts on “October 21 – Au revoir twenty-four

  1. Kelly Devine says:

    It has been a fabulous year seeing your photos and reading the posts. I guess you get to go back to the first page of this blog and post it tomorrow as a bucket list item checked off. I hope that you keep the V-Life going. What a way to look back at all you have accomplished this year. I have the utmost respect for your completion of another goal. Love you tons!

  2. NANA says:

    such fun following you, a great way of keeping up with your experiences. Dido Aunt Kelly, you have tried and conquered, but OF COURSE.

    Bunches of Love,

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