DC is a Blossomin’

The DC Cherry Blossoms were late this year, and it took three tries to see them in bloom.


Mom, Dad, Rachel and Matt came to visit Easter weekend, and although this was the warmest weekend we’d had, the blossoms were NOT ready to bloom. The Peak was supposed to be this weekend, but obviously, it was pushed back… by two weeks.

Cherry Blossom Buds


Old Town


Trip #2

The weekend after our lovely visitors left, Madison and I walked down to the Mall, hoping to see the blossoms.  Both of us were traveling Sunday-Tues/Wed, and we didn’t want to miss them!  Unfortunately, they were still holding out.

lets be buds




FINALLY! We made it down to the Mall on a gorgeous Friday evening, biking around the Tidal Basin and were table to see the beautiful blossoms IN BLOOM.






For all of you who couldn’t make it down to see the blossoms, I hope these photos will do, and that they’ll remind you that spring is just around the corner! Talking to you, New England!

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