“I’m a foodie” #BAcleanse day 2

My oh my we are eating well, and today’s meals were a bit easier to prepare, tapping into leftovers from last night for lunch, and no crazy sides for dinner. II should note that we did not participate in the Bon Appetit smoked salmon suggestion this morning. I just can’t get past the idea of fish for breakfast so we had nooo problem duplicating day 1’s delicious oatmeal.

As part of the cleanse you’re supposed to stay away from coffee and alcohol, but that hasn’t been so easy since we have a friend in town visiting plus is TWENTY degrees out. This means I require a constant flow of coffee and tea to keep me warm and toasty (and not retreating to bed for some serious cat naps). Meow.

Lunch was delicious. I make the same vinaigrette often, but loved the roasted beets in the salad even more so than I did at dinner. Since we didn’t have the other roasted veggies I added raw carrots and sun dried tomatoes. The quinoa kept us full for the rest of the day too. Quinoa and Roasted Veggie Salad.

Whole Grain Mustard Vinaigrette

BA Cleanse Lunch #2

Since we forgot to try the avocado smoothie during day 1’s meals I whipped it up to accompany lunch. By whipped up I mean made up a new recipe since I grabbed coconut milk instead of water at the grocery store. I opened up the can to what looked like crisco. Mmm. My solution: scoop some coconut milk into the blender with water for, voila: coconut water! Can I get a fact check here? No idea if that’s a real thing, but the smoothie was delicious. Only thing is I’m not a big fan of that texture, so I’d rather drink it in a shooter between meals like at fancy multi-course dinners. Just a sip would have been great. But hey. Now I know how to make an avocado smoothie.

avocado smoothie

Madison had to stop at Trader Joes on his way home from work for a few dinner ingredients, which turned out to be a breeze. With just a few mishaps (smoke alarm went off while roasting the peppers and I realized I used all the mint for the Greenist Tahini Sauce) everything turned out yummy. The pan roasted chicken (we used boneless thighs) was simple and made the apartment smell great. I went to town with the garlic, which paired really well with the red pepper walnut relish. My favorite part though, was the White Bean Salad, with pomegranate seeds. I will absolutely be making this again. Super easy and fresh.

Red Pepper Walnut Relish

White Bean Salad

Pan roasted chicken

Since we had some burrata (poor us) in the fridge, we decided to add a quick caprese salad as an additional side. YUM. What a pretty plate. One of my favorite parts of this cleanse so far is how much fresh citrus is involved. Lemon and lime are such great flavors, and so easy to incorporate. I gave this little gadget to mom and dad for Christmas, and might have to get one for myself too.

Eat well –



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