Borough Adventures

View of ManhattanThis past NYC trip we hit up Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn. We started the trip off on a great note with beer, burgers and a Pats win. We hung out at Bill’s Burger Bar downtown for most of Saturday since it was pouring out, and then Kristin and Amanda met us for dinner. Loved my burger, nachos were okay, and wings were good, but ask for less sauce. All in all, they have a great beer menu and a lot of space for accommodating large groups which was convenient considering we combined about 4 different friend groups for dinner.


When I wasn’t exploring Astoria or Brooklyn Heights, I was working from the hotel – a familiar spot as Madison was posted up at the downtown Marriott for a good month when at LivingSocial. We had dinner plans every night with friends, and it was so nice just relaxing and hanging out at Sarah and Pete’s for some good homemade Italian. Seriously – everything was homemade – the Gatti’s have a pasta maker which we were really excited to try out.  We decided on whole wheat bucatini while snacking on some delicious charcuterie and a spicy Chianti.

20140114_184020 (1)Sarah’s adorable Village apartment takes advantage of vertical storage space, and she whips that stool around, to reach the cooking supplies she can’t grab on her tip toes. So cute.


The pasta was really easy to make, but while we waited, we snacked on tomatoes and burrata, with charcuterie from Murray’s and Faicco’s – a new favorite.

Pasta Dough

The dough, rising. Not very… appetizing looking. Keep scrolling. 🙂

Pasta dough

To make the pasta, you break it up into little chunks to feed it into the machine.

Pasta Maker


The KitchenAid extension snaps right on, and the pasta comes out continuously. When it’s the right length, you swing the slicer over and boom. Pasta!





The fresh pasta cooks in about 5 minutes, which felt like forever as we were smelling the homemade sauce simmering next to our pasta nests.

Homemade Pasta


So delicious – thanks to Sarah and Pete! I think I know what purchase will follow our KitchenAid mixer. 🙂


Great to be in NY and see so many friends! I’m sure we’ll be back soon…

One thought on “Borough Adventures

  1. June WALBERG says:

    That pasta looked delicious. Glad you had such a good time even in the rain.
    It’s been sunny in Florida but not beach weather. Hugs, June

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