The V is for Victoria

Victoria Devine CalvertI started The V Life on October 22, 2011 – my 24th birthday. I decided to post a photo a day every day for a year. On my 25th birthday, I was able to look back at a year of my life in photos and see all the places I visited, the food I ate, and the people I spent my time with. Pretty cool but also pretty hard posting daily. It’s been some time since my 25th birthday, but don’t worry, The V Life is here to stay. There just won’t be 365 posts every year. =) I post about what I’m eating and cooking, where I’m traveling, and updates on what I’m up to for all my friends and family around the world.

I am a new mama to Alice, wife to Madison, and the oldest of four girls. Currently in NYC, I grew up in the Ocean State (RI) and moved to Washington DC for college. I studied political communication at GW and after a short stint of working for the government (let’s call it a rite of passage for living in DC) I started a social media marketing firm and haven’t looked back since. I work for some truly amazing companies, and enjoy the freedom of creating my own schedule with plenty of time for travel, cooking and exploring.


madison calvertI married this guy on September 14, 2014 but we’ve been adventuring together since 2008. We met at a Halloween party my junior year of college, he was still living in DC after graduating that May. Madison grew up in Manhattan playing baseball and eating pizza slices for breakfast lunch and dinner and came to DC to study political science, also at GWU. He is now in technology, managing a sales team, loves kale, and is the runner in our family. Four half marathons down and this guy never runs out of energy. We compliment each other so well  – I, the grounded, serious but total trickster – and he – the mile a minute, life of the party guy.