2015: #Blessed


Turkish Coffee in… you guessed it! Turkey!

There’s no other way to say it. 2015 was #blessed. This past year I was well traveled, grew my business, spent a ton of time with family and friends and in general was the kind of nonstop lifestyle that you all know I do. #Boom. Weekend Warriors. Work Hard / Play Hard. The kind of pace where every time you call your grandma the first thing she asks is “Where are you Now??”

Before I started this post in my head I was planning to count every day that I traveled in 2015. Then I opened my email inbox to try and figure it out. Got overwhelmed. Signed up for Mailstrom. Deleted 75% of my inbox. Started feeling accomplished, until I realized I deleted all my flight email confirmations. So… I’ll list of the places I traveled to from memory (yea, I’m that good):

USA:  New Hampshire, Boston, Philly, Miami (the weekend in winter that Al Roker flew there to report the unseasonable cold weather), Rhode Island (6x), New York City (5x), Hoboken, Hilton Head (a certain little sister got hitched hutched!), Savannah, Charleston, The Hamptons, Charlotte (2x), Phoenix, Los Angeles (2x), San Francisco (2x), Napa Valley, Atlanta, Orlando, Virginia (countless wine trips)

INTERNATIONAL: PARIS (3x- soooo #blessed), Istanbul, Southern France (Nice, Antibes, Aix-en-Provence, Cordes sur Ciel, Bordeaux, Dordogne and Urrugne), Spain (to visit Baby G in San Sebastian), London, Bahamas

The point is I spent a lot of time on airplanes in 2015 and while I didn’t love that part, I LOVED spending time in so many different places. Here’s a short list of some of the amazing experiences I encountered both in DC and on the road:

  1. Walked my sister and two best friends down the aisle
  2. Discovered an intense obsession with pho (and later in the year, ramen)
  3. Celebrated a year of marriage
  4. Learned to paddle board and had ripped abs for a week
  5. Helped launch YouTube Kids in the US and UK and YouTube Music in LA at the coolest party I’ve ever been to, never mind helped plan
  6. Doubled the Anchor team (welcome aboard, Cait!)
  7. Created the most epic bubble scene with Madison via crashing our mini cooper into a car wash
  8. Tried a lot of wine (self explanatory)
  9. Read a lot of books, 3 of which made me cry
  10. Got really into Orphan Black
  11. Partied with Madison for his 30th
  12. Was in 4 major cities in 5 days (Paris to NYC to SF to DC) – also relevant: plane caught on fire- compensation pending
  13. Went to Asia (Istanbul counts!!)
  14. Almost maintained a consistent tan throughout the year
  15. Did a blind wine tasting in Paris and guessed 0 of the wines correctly
  16. Tried sea urchin and octopus again (didn’t learn from last year)
  17. Bought a cosmetics travel bag that remains packed all year long that goes from closet to luggage to hotel and back
  18. At one point I ate so many tacos people started thinking my Instagram was a taco blog
  19. Got my first blowout at DryBar which led to a lot of other blowouts
  20. Shucked my first oyster (about time, right!?)

All I have to say is it’s truly a wonderful life. Looking forward to what adventures 2016 will bring, especially as Madison and I make the move to London in January! Follow along: #madisonandvictoria





Can you believe Madison and I have been living together for almost 3 1/2 years!? It’s hard to believe, and our little Dupont apartment has come a long way. I’d like to invite you all to a quick tour of the apartment (took the photos around Christmas) – enjoy!

The Living Room

Bright Living Room

Couch with View

Le petit couch

View from bedroom

The Bedroom/Office


Oh hi Dumbledore! How much do you love my new comforter? I feel like Mrs Claus. 🙂 (Little secret… I buy all comforters and blankets to fit a king size bed because I’m hoping one day soon we can move on from our full size bed. ) 🙂

The rest of the apartment is too messy to share, so you will just have to come visit and see for yourself.


The Week I was a Dog Owner (sort of)

For five days, I was the proud (fill-in) mom for Taco Chan. This 4 month old Golden Doodle, was such great company while I worked from home, sort of got along with the cats, and forced me and Madison to stay outside more to play and for walks. It got us thinking that we definitely need a dog… but we’ll have to wait awhile for that, what with our crazy travel schedules and small Dupont apartment.

Just wanted to share some highlights from the week, enjoy!


Hanging with Taco in Georgetown



Taco chillin' at Baked and Wred

Taco chillin’ at Baked and Wired


Passed out at Dean and Deluca, had to carry him home!

Passed out at Dean and Deluca, had to carry him home!

On a Walk around Dupont

On a Walk around Dupont



He's actually sleeping here...

He’s actually sleeping here…


Madison and Tacoooo

Madison and Tacoooo


Action Shot

Action Shot

Caught! (napping in Urbie's bed)

Caught! (napping in Urbie’s bed)


Speaking of Urbie....

Speaking of Urbie….


Aww look at this little guy!

Aww look at this little guy!


Certainly won’t miss the 3am bathroom emergencies but Taco was a great “test” to see if we could handle a puppy.  I figured watching him would get “wanting a dog” out of my system, but I’m thinking that wasn’t the case… 🙂