October 20 – To Everything There Is a Season

Fall colors in DC!

Beautiful, beautiful day! Today I got to wear my birthday dress and everyone came over for some drinks and then dancing at Policy.  I had an ahh-mazing time, thank you to everyone who stopped by to help me celebrate the big 2-5! There were SO MANY CANDLES on my cake. AHH! One more day as a 24 year old….


October 19 – It’s what’s on the inside that counts

The cool way to decorate apples – caramel that slides right off.

Well, I made a mess in my kitchen today. Caramel everywhere. Just trust me that the apples taste really good.  They just look… awful. I’m not sure why the caramel slid right off, but I guess, gravity happens.

Allison and I enjoyed a delicious dinner at Commissary: Fish Tacos! Mmmm- need these in my life more often. Lazy Friday night for me – caught up on Nashville, my new favorite guilty pleasure, and watched 666 Park Avenue to see what it’s all about – soooo ridiculous (but you should watch it for a good laugh).


October 18 – All good things must come to an end


You’re looking at Yola. Or what used to be Yola. =( I biked down for a meeting here, only to find that one of my favorite coffee shops in DC was closed for good. Just to jog your memory, this is where I discovered my Greek yogurt and oatmeal breakfast of champions.

Curious to learn more about why they closed, I looked them up on Twitter and found that they linked followers to an article by Laura Smith, Yola’s founder. Read the article and let me know what you think…I thought it was really pessimistic and don’t think the last impression she made with their customers should have been full of complaints and whines. I get that she is upset that Yola had to close, I would be really down too, but it’s a business. Businesses don’t all work out. They had a great product, but it was really expensive. Instead of blasting entrepreneurship, and discouraging others to open their own restaurants  I think a better approach would have been writing about looking forward to her next challenge, and learning from this experience.

I will seriously miss this place though… I need to find another non-chain coffee shop that’s close enough to work from. Le sigh.


PS: Other good things coming to an end…daily V Life posts… folks, it’s almost my birthday!

October 17 – Ooo la la


A year ago, I was getting ready for a Euro-adventure, that would, of course, end in Paris. I can’t wait to get back to those wide boulevards and beautiful buildings along the Seine. Until my next trip I will eat my way through French restaurants in the US. Madison surprised me with a box of macarons from Paul today. They were so fresh and perfect. Caramel was the best tasting flavor in the box, but when I was traipsing around La France, I loved the rose and violet flavored cookies.  Do you have a favorite?

Today I also found the best-tasting pizza in DC – BIG day. District of Pi (on F and 9th) knows pizza. I tried out a vegetarian deep dish with some friends after a Social Media Club DC event and we all loved it. We were stuffed, and still had leftovers.  I’ll most definitely be back.