July 26 – The RSC

Johnny Rockets Lobby

Last day in LA – I went into Johnny Rockets’ Restaurant Support Center to help with some filming.  They have such a cool office (best part is the soda fountain  machine in the break room) and it doesn’t hurt that their building is LEED certified! (Of course I would point that out…)

Sad to leave Corona but I’m excited to finally go to Phoenix! Bye Uncle Steve & Aunt Kelly – thanks for having moi!


July 25 – Huntington Beach

Synchronized Stretching

Early mornings are easier when you are in LA but on East Coast time.  I always feel so impressed with myself for waking up early, like I have won some secret prize. I – V- am an early bird, until my circadian rhythm laughs at me. I’ll just enjoy it while it lasts!

Auntie Kelly and I woke up (early!) and she drove us to Huntington Beach – she wanted to switch things up since we usually go to Laguna, and I’m glad we went! Loved this beach so much. Also, I really enjoyed the pier – there were dozens of surfers in the water and as we walked further out we could see them surfing up close.  We had so much fun pointing and laughing at all of their wipe outs which looked spectacular up close.  Is it wrong to find pleasure in this? I fully admit I am no where as athletic or coordinated as any of these people.  I guess it’s similar to my belly laugh gut reaction to people walking into things and falling down on land…

We went to Ruby’s for breakfast – had to try out the competition! We saw seals swimming around at the end of the pier – something you don’t see in RI.  I wonder if the surfers can see them too when they’re in the water?

Also spotted: offshore oil rigs. Umm HELLO!?!?! Why are people okay with seeing these awful structures off shore but wind turbines would “ruin the view?” I just don’t get it. I only just managed to not continue this post with a serious climate change rant.

After shopping for a bit (big thank you to AK and US for my new West Coast outfits!) we enjoyed the beach and sun – a little too much. Too much as in super classy zero gravity chairs and limited sand exposure, and in sun burnt neck and chest for a really hot look when I went into the JR office on Thursday. You would think that by the age of 24 I would know how to properly apply sunscreen. Not to worry- my Italian and Irish heritage will have it turned to bronze and freckles in no time.

The other big event of the day was Uncle Steve came home from another one of his puddle jumper trips! We celebrated with steak and potatoes and our feet up on the couch.  Doesn’t get much better than that!


July 24 – #TravelTuesday

The Canals

My day got better and better – no, really, for once I am not being sarcastic! It started off pretty rough – running on not enough sleep I showed up at DCA for my 8 AM flight. We didn’t take off until 10:45. I don’t want to get all riled up again so I’ll spare you the deets. Upside: lot’s of creative ideas came pouring out of me and onto the notebook in my lap as we sat on the runway, no electronic devices permitted (there were a few tears held back and a few #AngryV tweets sent secretively).

Once I arrived in LA a few hours past schedule things improved dramatically.  I was greeted by a smiling Aunt Kelly, and driven straight to Venice Beach where she took me to her old neighborhood coffee shop, on a tour around Venice canals, and then to Shanghai Red for apps and wine on the water.  Does she not know me or what?? Beach. Coffee. Walking. Wine. This is V in four words!

To top off the night, we shared some more wine back in Corona outside on the porch enjoying the night breeze. California weather is so pleasant… tempting….DC humidity…. East Coast versus West Coast debate.


PS – Auntie Kelly, what is the name of the wine we shared?  It was soooo good!

April 24 – California Dreamin

Cheese and wine in Coronaaa

California Dreaming… because I literally slept the majority of my (short) time in LA! Time zones just mess me up.  Luckily when I wasn’t sleeping, I was able to try In N Out for the first time (ehhh, I hear it gets better the more you have it), have a great meeting with the JR team, and hang out with Uncle Steve and Aunt Kelly for a bit. Auntie Kelly made us tons of delicious appetizers and a spread of yummy cheese and we all hung out and well, ate! =)  See you guys in Atlanta soon for Rachel’s graduation!!

-V on vacation