September 2 – The Pit

The lighting isn’t good, but welcome to the Pit!

Everyone here is so nice!! Loving South Carolina! Muffy and Mel go to this bar all the time – Muffy is like the mayor – everyone knows her here! There was a great live band – besides the mosquito bites (took some for the team with my sweet skin) it was a beautiful night. Before we left, Madison and I ran inside to use the restroom and found the interior to be posted with dollah dollah bills yo! We stapled one to the wall so we’ll always be part of “The Pit.”



September 1 – THIS is where I want to be

Float on!


Madison’s SC family is so hospitable! True southern hospitality.  We have so much fun just chilling at the beach with them. I definitely needed this weekend. I mean, I need the beach year round, so that’s no surprise, but they are just lot’s of fun. =)


August 31 – Goodbye Summer

Le shark

Le sigh. It is September 1. I miss summer already!! After getting all my work done, Mel drove me and Madison to the actual Pawley’s Island, where we walked the beach and drove past all the “arrogantly shabby homes.” Beautiful beach… unfortunately we walked past this fisherman… who caught a shark. On the beach. Yea. Trust that V did NOT go in past her knees in this water.  It was sooo warm though! Bathwater!

So great seeing Mel, Muffy and Annie again – we came down the same time of year 2 years ago… what a perfect place to live!


August 30 – #TT (Travel Thursday)

Madison’s Cousins!

Long day of traveling, but we finally made it to Columbia SC where I met Katie, Tritty, Anna, Richard (and then not pictured: Mindy and Brandon). Madison is the oldest of 16 grandchildren on his mom’s side, so I have  a “few” more cousins, aunts, and uncles to meet! I wish we had more time to hangout – everyone was so nice!!

After saying hello we got back in the rental and drove to Pawley’s Island, where we stayed with his Aunt Muffy and her husband Mel. Such a great place to vacation! Okay this post is super boring I know. To liven it up… Madison got a speeding ticket! Tweet him for the deets. =) #Greeleyville