September 17 – Love me some cheese

A fall preview

I love spring, summer, fall and winter, and get excited for all the changing of the seasons. However, fall might be the V Life favorite. Walking around in the brisk air, I get giggly. The first day of fall is this Saturday, which means MY BIRTHDAY is around the corner, as is Halloween and Thanksgiving. Plus: colorful leaves, fresh and crisp air, apples, caramel apples, memories of soccer, sweaters and snuggling. Ahh! Trying to contain my excitement.

For dinner, as you can see above, I made chicken – pretzel covered chicken breasts with a mustard cheese sauce and pickles. Mmmhmm. You know, you’re welcome to come over anytime! I paired dinner with a Les Gartieux Pauillac 2004.  You read that right.  I opened a 2004 bottle, no special occasion, just a happy V. Carpe diem!



March 2 – Happy 21+1 Rachie!

Rachel back in 2008

Happy Birthday to Rachel! She turns 22 today, and I wish I could be there celebrating with her! I took this photo of her back in the summer of 2008.  She looks so beautiful! This photo makes me miss summer.  Rachel has grown up quite a bit in the past few years and is graduating from GATech this year.  Enjoy your LAST COLLEGE SEMESTER!!!



February 4 – Happy Birthday Dad!

Google Plus Hangout to Sing Happy Birthday!


Awww look at that happy and tech-savy family! We all took time out of our day to video chat and watch dad eat cake. =) It was nice talking to everyone! Happy birthday to Dad and to Matthew as well! We should seriously be featured in Google+ ads… can someone get their agent on the phone?


PS: That strong glow shining on Dad’s face is from all his candles! That cake looked amazing, I need something sweet now! Where are my COOKIES??