August 6 – Hogwarts Dreamin’

My class at Georgetown is finally in one of the beautiful buildings that TOTALLY looks like Hogwarts. What, a girl can dream!

So as Mondays normally go, Anchor Media’s office was bustling! HW and projects and following up with new BlogHer contacts… several coffees were consumed.  I think we need a sponsorship.  An Olympic Social Media Sponsorship, and every tweet we send will have another one following it saying, “Anchor Media, powered by ________ Coffee.” I need to get my sales team on that one…

Next rainy day: who’s up for candy, Doritos, and a Harry Potter marathon? I need more Ron Weasley in my life!


August 4 – “What do you blog about?”

From left to right, Malaak Compton-Rock, Christy Turlington Burns and Soledad O’Brien!

Yesterday’s photo from the ol’ smartphone was not my best, so today I brought my Nikon D50 to the conference and sat at the first table – voila –  a photo acceptable for the V Life. After a keynote by Katie Couric, these lovely ladies came to talk to us about their nonprofits and the good they are doing.  It was of course very inspiring, and I now feel the need to get more involved in something with meaning. Once Anchor is further along, I’m hoping to find a way to give back more.

One of the first things people ask when they meet you here is “What do you blog about?” I had difficulty answering because The V Life is a little bit of everything! I think my true content will emerge after I turn 25, when we see what I write about as I feel moved, instead of posting every day. You know – mostly about what I eat. =)

Guess who came to visit me in NYC? Mmmhmm, Mom and Dad made the drive from little Rhody to hang in the city for the rest of the weekend! We went to Mesa Grill (Bobby Flay’s restaurant) and completely enjoyed the food. Best part? I have his recipe book so now I know which recipes I want to start off experimenting with! We walked back to the Hilton after dinner and enjoyed drinks on the roof which had a beautiful view of the skyline. Sarah and Pete joined us – congratulations on their engagement this past weekend! I am so excited for them!!!


PS: For more info on the foundations:

Soledad O’Brien and Bradley Raymond Foundation

Every Mother Counts

The Angel Rock Project

August 3 – BlogHer 2012

Voices of the Year 2012

Today was my first time at BlogHer! It’s like no conference I’ve ever been to – the women (and men – yes there were a few!) were so friendly and supportive and I had a great time chatting with people from all over the country.  Our lunch keynote was none other than Martha Stewart! I’m a big fan of her Everyday Food series and I have to say, hearing her talk in person made me like her so much more.  She was honest and funny, and wasn’t afraid to show us a more personal side. Something she said that caught my attention: “Being an entrepreneur is the most exciting career.” I’d have to agree.

The best part of the day was listening to the bloggers who won Voices of the Year do a reading.  The stories were so wonderful – touching and humorous. I love stories, especially from talented writers.

Madison met me in NYC and we went to dinner at Basso 56, a great little Italian place just south of Central Park.  I ordered homemade spaghetti with a lamb ragu and tiramisu to top it off. I practically fell asleep with my face in my food, conferencing is tiring!


August 2 – BlogHer 2012 – J’arrive!

Walking toward Columbus Circle

Okkk I’m in NYC and ready to get my BlogHer on! I walked over to Whole Foods in Columbus Circle and picked up some dinner, sat down and blogged away!

On the train up here, the guy next to me talked my ear off.  Luckily I was able to work and half-listen at the same time.  He’s had such a sad life though, and it made me thankful to be so blessed.  He was a complete oversharer – I think he just needed to talk out this thoughts – but some of his stories reminded me of Brad Paisley’s song, He didn’t have to, that came on my Blake Shelton Pandora station today- very touching.

GABBY DOUGLAS JUST WON GOLD! She is so awesome! #TEAMUSA I’m going to end on this good note!