June 4 – Big Apple with the Littles

Il pleut

Rachel, Gabriella and I hopped an an early bird train to Penn Station to explore for a day.  As a little present to Baby G for graduating, I suggested they come and stay at my hotel for the night, before my conference Tuesday morning. (Angela couldn’t come because of work – booo!) I stayed at The Carlton, on Madison and 69th – I loved it! It looked so Parisian – highly recommend this hotel. Unfortunately is rained almost the entire day and stayed in the 50’s/low 60’s. We didn’t care! We waltzed into Walgreens and bought umbrellas and toured the city.

Pizza was the first stop, and from there we hopped a bus to the museums. Well, seeing as it was Monday, they were all closed.  I realized this halfway there and listed all the museums I could think of, while Rachel quickly looked them up on her phone. Yup – all closed.  We hopped off at 59th and walked across the bottom of Central Park to 9th Ave where we hopped another bus (I was very proud of myself for navigating the city without Madison’s help) to Chelsea. We walked the High Line and while posing for a photo, heard “Victoria?” Looking to my left who do I see but Lauren and McCrea – so random!

For lunch we tackled Chelsea Market and 9th Street Espresso before walking down to Soho for some shopping. We met Madison and his brother Clay for dinner at Milon, an Indian restaurant with crazy lights strung everywhere.  I’d been before but wanted R and G to experience it – yummy food and very cheap (cash only, true NYC style).  Dessert you ask? Considering we were only a couple blocks from little Italy… we just had to stop at Veneiros for some cannoli and cheesecake. It was so much fun playing in the rain and exploring the city a day before the conference!

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!


October 24 – Victoria’s Guide to English Words

Upper deck view from the 22 to Piccadilly Circus

Today I slept in- hopefully I am completely adjusted to the time now.  I decided to go to the Tate Modern to get some culture to make up for my unproductive morning.  Okay… I feel some unhappy people coming my way after I say this, but the Tate is awful.  Massive concrete, dark, and cold building filled with depressing art I could have mastered in kindergarten that leaves you wondering, “why?”  To be fair, I have never been a fan of modern art.  However, the MOMA is in a beautiful historical building and the Pompidou Centre has awesome inside-out features so I don’t mind visiting them.  Anyway- I’m done talking about the Tate.  The rest of my day was wonderful- I walked over the Millennium Bridge and had lunch at the same Pizza Express as the last time I was in London with Emily and Madison! Memories =)

I walked around Fulham and Chelsea for a few hours and as I explored, I overheard some funny English phrases.  I thought I should share some of them:

Happy Days! = Awesome

Snogging = Kissing

Tramp = Homeless person

Tube = Subway

Alight here = Get off tube

Uni = College/University

Rubbish = Trash

Lou = Bathroom

Bollocks = Darn it

Cheers mate! = Thank you/ Goodbye

Mental! = That’s crazy!

When in doubt, describe things as “brilliant!” and don’t eat the black pudding.



PS:  I’d like to leave you with the Tate’s description of a mirror hanging on the wall: “Since the Renaissance, painting has often been likened to a window upon the world, with central perspective given the view a sense of surveying what is contained within the picture frame.  In a bold gesture Art & Language turn this century-old convention upside down by replacing painting’s surface with a mirror.  Rather than look at an image of the artist’s making, viewers are now confronted with themselves, thereby questioning the long-held notion that painting transcending reality.” Although I can’t say I felt confronted, it was nice to make sure my hair looked good!