September 28 – Cincy

View from my hotel

I wasn’t in Cincinnati for even 24 hours. This morning after shipping some supplies at FedEx, I took a cab to the airport, two hours early and for the first time ever, made it onto an earlier flight, made the transfer, and was home two hours before I was due to land.  Now THAT is Devine Timing.

While in Cincy I had the same cab driver two days in a row! He was so nice and helped me carry all my packages, and showed me the “original Brooklyn Bridge” on our way to Johnny Rockets. I paid for my cab with Square.  Imagine that – new technology in a cab!? DC needs to get with it!

I am going to sleep very well tonight!


September 27 – #BloggyRockets

RESPECT at Johnny Rockets

Cincinnati for a blogger party?  Why not!? 4:30am wake up call, layover in Chicago, and a Dusty’s Bacon Burger later, I found myself decorating Johnny Rockets The Banks and getting ready for the 90 bloggers that dined with us. We hosted the wonderful bloggers attending BloggyCon for their first night tweetup, and had a great time serving them.  Everyone was so thankful and sweet, and didn’t seem to mind me running around encouraging everyone to “Eat and Tweet!”

This weekend I am scheduling some extra sleep time. This trip knocked me out! I’ve been prepping for this event for the past 2 months, so I am all smiles now  – love when things go the way you planned!