August 5 – “Devine” History

4422 8th Ave – Brooklyn, NY

After a delicious brunch at Rue 57 we sluggishly walked back to the car, full and hot. This was not a good day for walking around the city, and I was so glad mom and dad drove to NYC.  Our first stop: Brooklyn. 4422 8th Ave to be exact! Now a Chinese restaurant, this was once the home of Joseph Zingale, my Nana’s dad when he lived in NYC before moving to Rhode Island sometime before 1920.

It’s crazy to think about how much recent history depended on Joseph’s move to RI. If he hadn’t, he wouldn’t have met Victoria, would not have had Diane (my nana), who would not have met my Poppy.  And they wouldn’t have had my dad who wouldn’t have met my mom, and they wouldn’t have had me or my sisters! So… thank you Joseph for moving to RI. There would be NO V LIFE! Oh my…

After exploring Park Slope until it was too hot to wander around, we drove to Di Fara’s pizza -well work the hour wait, as long as you walk around and avoid their hot indoors. No AC- how do they do it!? We took our sausage and pepper topped pizza to Brooklyn Promenade where there was a great view of lower Manhattan. One more food mention of the day – we stopped at One Girl Cookies Cafe and boy oh boy, do they do it right!  Well, their cookies were a bit small, but in their iced coffee, they have COFFEE ICE CUBES. I imagine them saying “Duh” to other coffee shops because it is so simple and so smart! No watery coffee! Genius!

Thanks for a great day Mom and Dad!


July 24 – #TravelTuesday

The Canals

My day got better and better – no, really, for once I am not being sarcastic! It started off pretty rough – running on not enough sleep I showed up at DCA for my 8 AM flight. We didn’t take off until 10:45. I don’t want to get all riled up again so I’ll spare you the deets. Upside: lot’s of creative ideas came pouring out of me and onto the notebook in my lap as we sat on the runway, no electronic devices permitted (there were a few tears held back and a few #AngryV tweets sent secretively).

Once I arrived in LA a few hours past schedule things improved dramatically.  I was greeted by a smiling Aunt Kelly, and driven straight to Venice Beach where she took me to her old neighborhood coffee shop, on a tour around Venice canals, and then to Shanghai Red for apps and wine on the water.  Does she not know me or what?? Beach. Coffee. Walking. Wine. This is V in four words!

To top off the night, we shared some more wine back in Corona outside on the porch enjoying the night breeze. California weather is so pleasant… tempting….DC humidity…. East Coast versus West Coast debate.


PS – Auntie Kelly, what is the name of the wine we shared?  It was soooo good!

June 28 – Baked and Wired

Baked and Wired

The Pink Bike Marks Baked and Wired


This morning I woke up and headed to Georgetown for an early meeting at Baked and Wired, a coffee/cupcake cafe on Thomas Jefferson Street. Great place  – definitely recommend you try it out, their coffee is magical. I LOVE getting up early. I don’t like waking up early but I love being up early in the morning – does that make sense? There is something really invigorating about being up and about before most people are on the streets.  It was literally the most perfect weather, and I felt wonderful walking around.

So not only did I enjoy Baked and Wired’s coffee (I would have stayed longer but they didn’t have WIFI -grr) but my day was very much spent in this fashion. In the morning I was extremely caffeinated from the coffee and was understandably very hyper.  Then, I crashed (baked – if you will), and took a 2 hour nap.  I’m thinking it was a combo of the heat, allergies, and not having any downtime for the past 3 weeks.  Anyways, I woke up from my midday slumber and feeling much better, started cranking away at my to do list.